April 21, 2009

A year later

The absence of any further posts since March of 2008 makes it fairly obvious that the whole promoting area failed to hold my interest. I didn't realise how apathetic I could be about the publicity machine. I kind of knew what to do and couldn't bring myself to do it. Just as I got myself some expertise in the design and layout of the book I should have got some for publicity. I did reasonably successfully promote Take It Easy to New Zealand libraries. And among my friends. I now find I don't care how many I sell and am inclined to give it away if anyone is interested.

So now I will turn this blog into a general one. Wonder if I can change the title of and take off the pjpress and just call it 'out there'.

I don't have another novel underway. There's no big idea for a novel floating around in my consciousness. I am writing some short stories and a little poetry and enjoying that, but am easily distracted from it. Oh dear.

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