August 13, 2007

the beginning

I have a manuscript of around 86,000 words, which is a medium-sized novel. I have had two other novels published by a publisher. That publisher is not doing new titles and I have decided to embark on doing it myself - with the help of some friends - and recording what I do here so I can refer other people who want to publish their book to it. And 'talk' to others.

What I am starting with:
The manuscript, which has been read and commented on (twice) by my partner and sundry friends, all of whom are intelligent readers and have given good feedback, most of which I have taken notice of.
A friend - and this is important to my doing this - who has worked in book production, who can do page layout and a whole lot of that technical stuff. She is keen to be involved.
Support in the undertaking from my partner.
Information I have gleaned from websites, workshops, library books and the New Zealand Society of Authors, of which I am a member. Most countries have something similar and most apparently, like the one here, produce helpful pamphlets etc.

What I have done:
Sent an email letter to three (fairly) local printers to get some indicative information about costs. One of the things that makes this venture possible is the development in printing that means it is possible to get small runs printed without affecting unit price. More on this when I have some prices.
Found an image I'd like for the cover. It's by a local artist so I have to find out if I can use it.