March 21, 2008

I have books

I have books! Boxes of actual, physical copies of my book. Zenith publishers have been great to work with and met every deadline we agreed to. See how they work at You can buy a copy for $28 plus freight from the same website – click on new releases or search on the book title or my name.

The cover looks fantastic, with colours richer than those in the image on this blog.

Now I am in marketing mode, not my favourite activity. However, needs must. The Women’s Bookshop in Auckland and Unity Books in Wellington will carry copies. I’ll work on expanding further into the independent bookstore network. My focus at the moment is libraries and my own networks, which are extensive, I can hook into several email lists and will be in the next newsletter from The Women’s Bookshop, which goes to 4000 subscribers.

I’m having a launch next Sunday at 4.30 here in Paekakariki at the local community hall. Writer Renee will launch Take It Easy. To help cover launch costs I will sell, for $10 a copy, some of my previously published books.


  1. Congratulations from another Paekakariki writer - Helen

  2. Congratulations! It's wonderful when your manuscript is finally transformed into that book you can hold in your hand. I'm glad the process has gone so well for you.