October 10, 2009

More marketing

Write a press release, is the advice - I'm reading the Smashwords Marketing Guide, which is free from their site. I would if I could think of something to write it about, given that Take It Easy first came out last year. Publishing as an ebook, hardly seems enough. So, pass on that one for now.

Encourage your fans to write online reviews. This is the stuff that makes me cringe, so I probably won't do it. First cringe point - I don't want 'fans,' I want friends and readers.

Participate in online forums. This is the one I am working on. (Will continue to buy my paper books from Unity Books in Wellington, a great independent bookstore. ) might even open an Amazon account, as suggested, so I can post about my book there. (Did you know that it's complicated and expensive for a self-publisher to get on Amazon?) Smashwords, however, does publish its eversion of my book in the format for Kindle, so who knows if that will be a way in to that market. I have joined mobileread.com but am yet to figure out how to take an active part in it. Am I particularly obtuse about learning to use these websites? I do wonder, even though I manage computer and internet use competently enough in general facebook often defeats me and these participation websites tend to get me in a muddle with them.

Coupons is another technique that is encouraged (buy one, get your second one for half price, 20% off until the end of the month, etc). I'll leave that for now.

Write a blog. Ah! Got that!

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