November 11, 2007

Cover image success

I have permission from the artist and a CD Rom of the ink and wash painting I really want to use for the cover of Take It Easy. All she wants in payment is a couple of copies of the printed book, which I think is really generous. I have had to pay $100 to the gallery that holds the painting to get the image, but hey, that seems reasonable enough.

My current activity is searching various websites - with some success - for places I might be able to use for promotion. What I should be doing is the marketing plan, for which I have a template from, and which I am avoiding because this is my least favourite aspect of this whole publishing enterprise. I'm also using the NZSA notes for writing a synopsis of the book, leading to writing a blurb for the cover and the words for a promotional flyer, which will be finalised by Jill, once we have a cover design. These are the exciting bits.

In the meantime my actual writing, which is focussed on short stories at the moment, has ground to a halt. Maybe I will have to live with that while my mind is full of production and publication activity, but I do want to keep doing some writing. Discipline, maybe.

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