September 23, 2007

Permissions et al

This is the website of the place I am going to print my book. I chose them because:
a)They do small print runs with competitive pricing.
b)They offer a lot of (currently free) advice on the processes.
c)They reply promptly and give straightforward answers.
d)They offer assistance with the marketing and selling side - at a parallel website, - which I haven't explore in detail yet.

I have had some fast replies to my requests for permissions to use (in every case short) quotes from other writers. They are surprisingly specific and detailed and so far all three agree to my use and tell me how to word the acknowledgement.

Most of my time at the moment is going into figuring out this blogging business. This bit, creating posts, is easy enough but other parts have me floundering around. For example, I got my photo onto my profile, then accidentally removed it and now I'm having trouble getting it back. It's in the second post, that's easy, it's getting it into the profile that is the challenge. Something to do with getting the URL right. The help files are, I think, written by and for people who don't need the instructions spelt out as fully as I do.

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  1. Have you looked at print on demand options? may be worth asking about though inititally youd want a good size print run but after that might be good to have an opition of ordering 'as needed'